Registry Cleaner Review: Registry Mechanic

Among the many registry cleaner programs out there, PC Tools’ Registry Mechanic is one of the most popular on the internet. It is specifically made to check your Windows Registry for errors and provides tools to help you correct them. Does it live up to its name?

Registry Mechanic: Features

This Registry maintenance tool doesn’t just offer the basic services of a typical registry cleaner; it also provides Registry optimization and defragmentation, as well as tune up, monitoring, and other services. It features three categories: Optimize, Monitor, and Windows. It also has a Help Center and Options sections. Under Optimize, you’ll find Deep Scan which offers a comprehensive scan of your Windows Registry. Registry Mechanic also has a defragger that should get your Registry entries in order and a tune up services option that speeds up your computer’s boot time. The Monitor tab lets you see your system’s general performance (behaviours and services, among other things). The Windows Tools tab provides links to tools that come with the operating system, thus offering the convenience of finding these system tools in one place.

You can choose doing Recommended or Minimal scans, and if you’re an experienced user, you can customize the things you want done as well. You’d also appreciate that the Registry Mechanic makes backups so you can easily restore your system should anything go wrong while you’re cleaning up your Registry.


This registry cleaner got a CNET editor rating of Outstanding with four and a half stars, while user rating averages at three stars. Users pointed out its advantages: ease of use, clean interface, thorough documentation, and wide array of registry maintenance and optimization tools.

You can try out the trial version of the Registry Mechanic, though like others, its trial version is fairly limited and you can only repair 6 sections of your Registry with it. If you’re trying it out, be sure to clean up parts of your Registry you can verify so you can see the difference. All things said, the Registry Mechanic is a good registry cleaner and considering extras that come with it, it’s a neat package for its price.

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