Registry Cleaner: General Features

If you’re in the market for a Registry cleaner, then you should know what features to expect. Let’s check out the features that typically come with these PC maintenance programs, shall we?

Scanning, Diagnosing, Cleaning, and Repairing

These are the most basic functions a Registry cleaner has to offer. A cleaner will start with a scan of your Windows Registry and give you a report of orphaned, unused, and redundant entries. It will then take care of the problems accordingly, cleaning out what needs to be deleted and repairing damaged entries.

These steps should get your Registry clean and lean. Some Registry cleaners don’t stop at these though, as they provide additional tools to further optimize your system.

Compacting and Optimizing

Like the files on your hard drive, your Windows Registry can get fragmented due to the regular writing and deleting of entries. To improve performance and for further optimization, some Registry cleaners provide compacter and optimizer tools to get rid of the gaps between the entries. Though some experts say that the defragging your Registry doesn’t give you any noticeable improvements, it shouldn’t hurt to do it, right?

Junk Cleaning

Junk can really accumulate in your system, and some cleaners take it upon themselves to help you get rid of those as well. Some Registry cleaners will empty out your temporary files and temporary internet files, as well as get rid of orphaned shortcuts and other detritus.

Startup Managing

To round off the complete optimization package, some Registry cleaners include a startup manager. A lot of programs and Windows components launch at startup, and since they take up resources at the same time, they pretty much bog down your computer. Some of these programs aren’t even necessary during boot. The startup manager tool allows you to edit the programs that launch at startup. Limiting the number of programs that take up precious resources should give you a faster system during boot.

A Registry cleaner can also include additional features like security scans and anti-malware tools. Remember that Registry cleaner programs can offer all or a combination of these features so be sure to take note of the features you need. This should make your search a little easier as it will narrow down the choices for you.

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